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Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education was founded in 1926. Prior to November 2003 – Zaporizhzhya State Institute of Advanced Training of Doctors.


Our Academy one of the oldest educational institutions of the CIS, invites foreign students who have graduated from medical institutions of higher education of the CIS countries and abroad to take a clinical post-graduate course, a post-graduate course,  a course of magistracy and probation.The Academy possesses significant scientific potential, the percentage of the Doctors of Sciences is the highest as compared to other medical institutions of higher education of Ukraine (24%). 36 professors, doctors of medical sciences, 103 Candidates of Medical Sciences, 6 Honored Workers of Science and Engineering of Ukraine work at 27 faculties of the Academy. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Academy carries out a big work in the field of post-graduate training of doctors. Annually about 5,7 thousand doctors improve their qualification at the departments of the Academy. Besides within one year 300 doctors-interns, 45 clinical ordinators, 29 post-graduate students, 15 probationers, 9 holders of a Master’s degree, 60 foreign citizens from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America  undergo training in the Academy.
The Academy has reached significant success in medical treatment. The officers of the academy were the first in Ukraine to carry out successful transplantation of liver, heart, simultaneous transplantation of kidney and pancreas in patients with diabetes. 500 kidney transplantations and 9 liver transplantations have been made.
The Academy has broad international contacts. The agreements about cooperation with a number of foreign companies and clinics have been concluded. The Academy has established business relations with 15 foreign medical universities. 9 professors of our Academy are members of several foreign organizations, Honored and Full Members of foreign academies.
The training in Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education conforms to the world standards, the quality of training ensures further successful career.
High qualification level of our Academy graduates enables them to work successfully in many countries of the world, achieve great success in science and practical public health service. Among them there are many scientists, heads of public health institutions and outstanding doctors.

Rector of the Academy,
Corresponding Member of
the National Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Medical Sciences,
Professor A. S. Nikonenko


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